There are a huge number of small online businesses that are trying to make money without huge investments. They have limited budgets and they are looking for the best ways to make progress without spending much. In fact, many of them don’t have cash in the beginning and that’s why they are looking for freebies. One of the most used methods of earning money online is to build websites created to get money from programs like Google AdSense. This program created by Google supports small sites with free content. The good news is that people can share content online for free, but there are some rules that they must follow. The majority of website owners know how things work and what’s allowed and what’s not. For example, they are writing their own articles or they are visiting article directories and ask authors whether they can share their content. But, in the recent period, many websites have faced an unexpected problem and that’s the use of images on websites. There are a huge number of people that believe that they can download and use any image they can find on the Internet. But, they are wrong. They can’t do that because using an image that is owned by an individual or some legal entity is illegal and they can get sued for that. There are many stories about website owners who have received invoices and had to pay for their illegal use of images. It doesn’t really matter whether you were aware that you can use these images or not, you will still have to pay. If you want to stay away from legal problems, you can use a few different things to get photography to build websites legally. For starters, you can use your own digital camera or your smartphone. These devices have powerful cameras and you can take detailed photos of anything you want for free. In case you are looking for more professional photos or photos that you can’t take on your own, you should look for websites that are sharing free photography. Luckily, there are tons of websites like this. Our advice is to stick to the popular websites that guarantee that the photos shared on their platform is free for commercial use. Some of the most popular websites where you can find free photography include Pexels, Picjumbo, Unsplash, Pixabay, and Flickr.


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