About 10 to 15 years ago, there was a market dedicated to stock photo images that were a quite costly and confusing for most users. There were just a few reputable websites in this field and they were doing their best to maximize the price of photos. This was obviously a bad thing for website owners especially the ones running small businesses. The good news is that things have changed. You can find dozens of sites where you can get free or very cheap images. We will use this blog post to reveal a few great places where you can get free images to use on websites.


Picjumbo is a popular site for free images. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that this platform has a simple navigation system and provides high-resolution photography for free. For some reason, you can find a huge collection of food-related photos even though there are photos that belong to other categories too. There is no attribution required for most photos and the site has a great search engine.


If you are looking for free images that look a little bit different, then you’ve come to the right place. Gratisography has a relatively large collection of images created by Ryan McGuire, a world-renowned web designer, and artist. Although you don’t have to provide any attribution when you are using these images, there is one downside of using this site – it’s not searchable.


Simplicity is probably the first word that will come to your mind when you visit MorgueFile for the first time. So, we can freely say that this is a beginner-friendly website. With its streamlined layout and handpicked photography, this website is a must visit for all those looking for images that can enrich their websites. Keep in mind that this platform doesn’t have a huge collection of images, but they have managed to cover almost every topic.


Unsplash is one of the fastest growing sites on this list. It introduces ten brand new free images every ten days. Most of the images found on this platform are focused on attractive landscapes – from beautiful mountains to impressive valleys. They are sharing only high-resolution photos.

There are many other websites that you can use to get free images for your website. Take some time, do some research and download the ones that suit your content.


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